Project Hometown

What It’s All About

Bringing together the needs of the business community while training the next gen workforce with employable skills. Project Hometown was formed to assure Shasta County’s businesses thrive in the E-commerce Economy. Our goal is to eliminate every roadblock keeping our community’s businesses from being found by their customers online. Project Hometown is a challenge to local businesses: To get the products or services of every business in our community online, being found the way customers want to shop.

The idea is to come together as a community, to shift the impact the Internet has on our community. Customers are going online at an incredible rate. We have never seen anything like this. The “find X near me” phenomenon, just for starters, is an unprecedented opportunity. Project Hometown is a movement to face this challenge together, by putting our products and services online. Find out more at and on Facebook.


New Update: Little Free Libraries

To visit our Little Free Libraries webpage, click on the button below.