College & Career Signing Day

What Is It?

College & Career Signing Day is an event sponsored by RHS to highlight and spotlight a group of high school seniors from Shasta County high schools who have made plans to pursue some type of post high school training and/or education. 

College & Career Signing Day 2022 was incredible! We celebrated 64 high school seniors from our county who are headed off to a trade school, the military, a community college, a four year university, or to chase the dream of entrepreneurship. We are processing the images and video from this year’s event and can’t wait to share them with you. You can view initial glimpses of the event on our Facebook page

Check out the College & Career Signing Day 2022 highlight video!

Check out the replay from College & Career Signing Day 2022!

Why it is important?

Very little is done in the region to recognize plans for continuing education and training for our high school students that is not related to athletics.  This event is meant to bring some recognition and encouragement to Shasta County students who have made plans to improve their quality of life through college and/or career education.

Goals of the event

  • To make high school students and their families aware of the myriad of opportunities available to them
  • To demonstrate our willingness to celebrate future plans with students from all walks of life and from all high schools, large and small, in our region
  • To celebrate the diversity of post high school choices being pursued by Shasta County seniors
  • To inspire underclassmen to put some thought into their own post high school plans

Basic Framework Ideas

Setting:  Program honoring the students, recognizing them and identifying their choice for post high school education/training.  Have a reception with food and drink in the lobby after the event.

Students to be honored – how to choose them?

  • A male and a female student from each Shasta County school that is sending a student to post high school education
    • All high schools, homeschool (2 students), privates, independents, charters, Pioneer, Freedom, Good News Rescue Mission, others……
  • Priority goes to students from the small schools first and priority goes to the unique post-high school institutions that are being attended
  • Try to get at least 1 student of every post-high school institution that is represented by our 2018 senior class (allow for more than 2 students per school in order to accommodate unique receiving institutions)

After the small schools and the unique post-high school institutions are chosen, fill in with students from the larger schools (giving priority to the receiving institutions that have yet to be represented by our other students)