How Local Educators are Creating a New Culture

  • Creating and maintaining a college-going culture in the school
  • Emphasizing key cognitive strategies
  • Holding high expectations for all students, then providing differing degrees of scaffolding based on student need
  • Creating a core academic program that is aligned with and leads to college and career readiness by the end of 12th grade
  • Making the senior year meaningful, challenging and engaging
  • Reducing course selection choice in favor of college-focused and career-aligned offerings
  • Creating assignments and grading policies that more closely approximate college expectations each successive year of school
  • Promoting key self-management skills and academic behaviors with formative feedback to students toward skill/behavior development

Do Your Students Know the Shasta Promise?

  • Shasta Promise is a commitment among institutions to ensure that higher education is an attainable goal for every student in Shasta County. Click¬†HERE¬†to learn more about the Shasta Promise.