School Attendance

Support for Families: Where can I find help for my family's needs so that our children will have good school attendance?
Parenting Resources: I need parenting support in order for our family to make education and attendance top priorities.
Family Wellness Resources: What resources pertain to family health so that our children are well and attend school regularly?
Attendance Myths Pre-K ~ 12th: Debunking the common myths about Pre-K through 12th grade attendance
MYTH: “Attendance matters most in the upper grades.”
English: Attendance Works Flyer Elem
Espanol: Attendance Works Flyer Elem
Hmong: Attendance Works Flyer Elem
School Attendance Myth Busted
MYTH: “A couple of days a month isn’t a big deal”
Keep Middle & High Schoolers on track
Espanol: Keep Middle & High on track
MYTH: “My child is always able to catch up on what he/she missed.”
Educ. Week Article on Chronic Ab.
Effects of Absenteeism
MYTH: “The beginning of the year is just review.”
Why Emphasise Sept. Att.
Improve School Culture: Students who feel physically and emotionally safe at school are more likely to attend regularly.
How does my school offer opportunities for student to voice their opinions and concerns?
ASCD: Improv.School Culture
8 Ways Principals Can Build Sch.Culture
Using PBIS to Improve Culture
What practices does my school use to deal with social-emotional issues and conflicts?
CDE Social-Emotional Learning Page
Success Stories
Panorama Ed. Resources
Improve Engagement: Students who are engaged in their schools and in learning rarely miss class.

What are some barriers to student engagement in academics and campus life?
Naviance Report on Stu.Engage.
Edutopia: 10 Steps to Better Stu.Eng.
What are the most effective ways to engage the students and families of my school?
Panorama Ed. Resources
NEA 10 Tools to Eng. Parents
How many of students at my school are involved in at least one: music, sports, clubs, student gov’t., volunteering, drama, art, etc.?
Extracurricular & Stu. Eng.
How does my school support and promote student involvement?
4 Ways to Get Students Interested in Clubs
What are some classroom engagement strategies for teachers?
Ed. Hub: Top 12 Ways to Increase Stu. Partic.
Book: Engagement by Design by Fisher, Frey & Quaglia
How many of my students have and understad an educ. plan regarding college/career goals?
High Schools: Naviance
Middle Schools: Naviance
In what ways does my school include parent involvement and input?
Activities to Promote Parent Involvement
NEA Article: Parent Involvement

Pre-K & Early Grades: Establishing good attendance habits early is key to long-term positive school and workplace attendance.