These resources are intended to give teachers resources to help with creating a college-going culture.

  1. College-Going Culture Grade Level Matrix K-8 – PDF
  2. College Vocabulary by Grade Level Matrix – PDF
  3. College Vocabulary by Grade Level Example – PDF
  4. College Promise Example – Word Document
  5. How Do I See Myself? – Student Self Evaluation Tool – Word Document
  6. Effort Rubric – Word Document
  7. Habits of Success – Word Document
  8. Student Goal Setting Example 1 – Word Document
  9. Student Goal Setting Example 2 – Word Document
  10. Student Goal Setting Example 3 – Word Document
  11. High School Counseling Initiative
  12. Career Video Library

Creating a College-Going Culture

These resources are intended to give administrators and staff resources to help inform others about the importance of creating a college going culture.

  1. College Ed: Creating a College Going Culture Guide – The College Board – PDF
  2. College or Career for All: Conceptual Introductory Presentation – PowerPoint
  3. A Rational For Readiness and Planning – PDF
  4. 101 Pathways to College Activities – PDF
  5. Resource Books – No Excuses University – Word Document
  6. Why is College Important? – Word Document
  7. What do Colleges Offer? – Word Document
  8. What Colleges and Universities Offer as Majors – Word Document
  9. What Current Students Have to Say About College – Word Document

Grade Level Lessons

Grade 4 Lessons

Preparing for a Future Activity

Think You Can’t Go to College? – PDF

Grade 5 Lessons

Comparing Community Colleges to 4 Year Colleges – PDF

Why Go to College & Which College is Right for You

Career College Match

Grade 6 Lessons

GPA Calculation Activity

A-G College Admissions Requirements v2

Value of Education

Dedication Equals College